2000 Nissan Frontier XE pick-up truck / dark green
purchased October 1999, totaled March 2005


My truck made its first appearance in April 2001 during the filming of reshoots for the movie Rollerball, starring Chris Klein and LL Cool J. In the shot to the left (where the street skater crashes into the restaurant), my truck is in the upper-right corner, two vehicles above the white car. This was filmed on Sacramento at Grant Street in San Francisco's Chinatown.


In March 2002, my pick-up truck made its best appearance in Detonator, starring Elizabeth Berkley and Bokeem Woodbine. It was in the scene pictured below (be sure to click on the thumbnails) that the bad guy placed a bomb under the truck, later causing it to blow up (via stock footage). This was filmed at the Grand Olympic Auditorium parking lot in Downtown Los Angeles. Sadly, the actor here was Denis Forest who died that very same weekend. Consequently, the film is dedicated to him at the end of the credits.



In November 2002, my pick-up truck appeared in the Presidio Med episode Pick Your Battles. The shot on the left features actors Dana Delany and Robert Knepper walking to their cars on the top level of the North Beach Garage on Vallejo at Stockton Street in San Francisco's North Beach. My truck is in the background shadows, behind the silver car.


In Fall 2004, there were a few scenes of Alpha Dog (starring Bruce Willis, directed by Nick Cassavetes) where my truck might have made an inadvertant background appearance or two in various scenes filmed in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Although, we won't know for sure if it made the cut until the movie is released in late 2005.