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The Chris Isaak Show

On 12 July 2000, I worked as a featured extra on The Chris Isaak Show when I was placed with my then-girlfriend Tamara Torres in the front row of concert footage shot at The Fillmore in San Francisco. The image above shows us in the pilot episode, Freud's Dilemma. Click on the picture to remove the highlight.

Later that evening, Chris Isaak placed his hand on my shoulder to steady himself as he got off the stage to sing in the audience. Unfortunately, he caught my necklace chain, sending my favorite Miollnir / Thor's Hammer necklace pendant to the floor. It wasn't until we cut that I was able to dive down and just barely grab it before it got kicked away again. Two years after that, though, I lost it permanently in Muir Woods while location scouting a Flex Your Power TV commercial. I later replaced it while filming The Henry Lee Project in Oakland.

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