From 1989-1990, I worked on the very first season of Options, another cable-access show that was filmed at Miller Creek Middle School and aired on Viacom 36 (now Viacom 31).

Similar in style to What's Up Broadcasting, but using more advanced techniques, the show usually featured interviews with people of interesting careers. The picture on the left is from my interview with KRON Channel 4 meteorologist Mark Thompson who then interviewed me on his own show. Not to be confused with the Mark Thompson of the Mark and Brian radio program in Los Angeles, this Mark Thompson is also now in Los Angeles and has gone on to have small parts in Independence Day, Air Force One, and The Day After Tomorrow.

The picture on the right is from Trimble & Sason Movie Reviews, a semi-regular segment that I did with Marc Sason in which we reviewed new films like Batman and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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