In January 1997, I worked for three days as a background extra in the feature film Flubber, a disappointing remake of the classic film, The Absent-Minded Professor.

My scenes were filmed at the basketball court set built in an old aircraft hangar on Treasure Island in San Francisco. In most shots I'm just a blur in the background, but in the one pictured here I am clearly seen for several seconds.

That's me in the foreground with the red-brown shirt and and my left hand up. I'm cheering for the Rutland team while the camera pans down to the bad guys directly behind me. They are played by Wil Wheaton (later the author of Just a Geek and Dancing Barefoot), Raymond J. Barry, Clancy Brown, and Ted Levine.

Over at my Film in America website, I posted an article, written at the time, about my experiences working on this movie. Some of those other names that I mentioned were friends from the dorms at U.C. Berkeley who were also extras with me. Also, another page on that same website describes some of the filming locations [no longer online].

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